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Braille Authority of North America

Check with BANA for updated UEB info at Go to the BANA UEB page
Comprehensive Guide for Teachers, Parents and Users of Brl at SuperSummary Click here to visit the SuperSummary


1. UEB 2013 Rulebook in .PDF downloadable at Click here to download the UEB rulebook

2. Provisional Guidance for Transcribing Foreign Language in UEB - a pdf or brf on BANA's UEB page Look for the link on the main page

3. Example documents in UEB in simbraille (pdf) and brf - from BANA at Look for the link on the main page

For adults who know braille in the current code (EBAE) but wish to learn UEB

1. The ABC's of UEB - this resource provides examples and practice exercises which allow people who already know EBAE to quickly build on their knowledge of braille. Available in html, pdf and brl at Click here for the ABCs of UEB

2. Hadley School for the Blind - The Hadley School for the Blind is offering a course called "Transitioning to Unified English Braille" for people who already know EBAE. During 2015, fees for professionals are waived. For Hadley courses, click here

3. CNIB Transcriber's course - These materials from Canada can be downloaded and printed or used electronically. The course gives some practice materials and answer keys. The materials are available as electronic files for print or braille that can be downloaded free of charge. Click here for the CNIB course

4. The Australian Training Manual - Available as a free download in pdf format, this course is for people who knew Australian Braille and are switching to UEB. Click here for Austrilian course

5. Portland State University is preparing an online course for learning UEB. For more information, Click here for UEbot

6. UEB Online - This is a free course for people who wish to learn braille from the beginning; it is not yet accessible for people using screen readers but an accessible version is planned. Because it is from Australia, there are some spelling differences from United States usage. It provides participants with immediate feedback and people can do lessons on their own and in their own time. Click here for UEB online

Math Resources

1. Guidelines for Technical material, 2014 - provides additional examples and is available in pdf, doc or brf versions. Scroll down the page after clicking here

2. New Zealand resource: The Hitchhiker's Guide to UEB Maths. Guide to UEB math

3. Canadian resource guide - resource called "Unified English Braille for Math for Sighted Learners." UEB math for sighted users

4. Provisional Guidance for Using Nemeth WIthin UEB Contexts - From BANA in a pdf or brf format at Click here for the nemeth guidance in UEB

5. Math Window - Math kits available for both Nemeth and for UEB. UEB and Nemeth math kits, click here

6. American Printing House forthe Blind - Feel 'n Peel: UEB Basic Math Symbols, stickers for math available in UEB as well as Nemeth. UEB Basic Math Symbols Catalog Number: 1-08893-00 Nemeth Braille/Print Math Numbers 0-100 Catalog Number: 1-08876-00

"Cheat Sheets"

1. Duxbury has a one-page chart that lists the contractions and short forms in alphabetical order. Click here for Duxbury's Cheatsheet

2. Aroga Technologies presents the UEB contractions and symbols by category. Highly recommended cheat sheet, click here