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SC AER Annual Conference

November 12-13, 2020


Download the 20 page 2020 Main Conference Program which also includes ads and other information

Download the 2019 Annual Business Meeting Minutes

Download the 2020 Annual Business Meeting Agenda

Remote Control: Channeling Into Virtual Learning for Vision Professionals


Download the Strategy to See: Strategies for Students with Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment (Diane Sheline)

Download Part I: Virtual Instruction for Blind and Low Vision Students: Considerations and Strategies, when it becomes available (Ting Siu)

Download Part II: Basic Testing of Learning Media and Platforms(Ting Siu)


Download the Non-Visual Digital Maps for Virtual O&M Instruction (Diane Brauner and Ed Summers)

The resources for the following two sessions, below, are shown at the bottom of the Presenters handout you download here

Part I: Teaching Street-Crossing in CoronaVille: Strategies for remote/safe instruction (Dona Sauerburger, Susan Kinyati and Anthony Lanzilotti)
Part II: Did I Miss Something? Scanning for Vehicles Efficiently (Dona Sauerburger, Susan Kinyati and Anthony Lanzilotti)

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